Who we are & what we do

The Balkan Documentary Center (BDC) is an initiative of the team behind AGITPROP production company. On the one hand, it is a virtual network and framework for support, our very own 0700-BALKANDOCU helpline. On the other, it is a brick-and-mortar actual house in downtown Sofia to be equipped with everything necessary to make this support technically possible, from research lab to production equipment and post facilities.

Our focus is catalyzing the creation and distribution of critical minded documentaries and social campaigns in the Balkans. We want to bring together the creative potential of filmmakers, journalists and media professionals with the resources of civil society institutions and businesses that are up for supporting documentaries. In the end, what we want is to bring the documentary scene of our region to international standards, still keeping the fresh ideas, originality and Balkan drive.

For this we have come up with three intertwined lines of activities:

Educational and institutional support

Located in the center of the Balkans, the BDC will be an accessible venue for training regional filmmakers in the standards of European film production, and nurturing grassroot projects. Thus the Center will support the gradual bringing-up of a generation of professionals matching the highest criteria of the European audiovisual industry, with a potential for distribution not only within the region but internationally.

Promoting debate and increasing the level of awareness

BDC projects will be supported by debates and publicity campaigns, organized in partnership with civil society organizations and the media. The aim is to inform larger segments of society about problems omitted from public discussion, and to provoke active personal involvement in critical social issues.

Foster networking and international collaboration

Stimulating cross-sector cooperation and building links between countries in the region will provide a platform for collaborations in documentary and social projects. The web portal of the BDC will be its virtual doppelganger – with a database of industry professionals, it will provide the technical and organizational platform for initiating, funding and distributing joint documentary projects.