BDC Discoveries 2016 selection announced!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

We are so thrilled to announce this year’s selection of projects and observers. It hasn’t been an easy process and with many strong and intriguing proposals submitted to our attention.
Pleased to present to you the participants of BDC Discoveries 2016:

Goodnight, Irene (Slovenia) – director Haidy Kancler, producer Miha Celar (Astral Film)

Occasional Spies (Romania) – director and producer Oana Giurgiu (Libra Film)

Saz (Turkey/Germany) – director Stephan Talneau, producer Bertrand Glosset (Karavan Film), co-producer Cay Wesnig (Antromedia)

Birdless (Serbia) – directors and producers Biljana Tutorov and Dragan Gmizic (Wake Up Films)

Europe, the Dream (Greece) – directors Anneta Papathanassiou & Angelos Kovotsos, producer Mikes Modianos (Topcut – Modiano)

Teach (Romania) – director Alex Brendea, producer Irina Malcea (Luna Film)

Prisoners without Prison (Albania) – director Verjana Abazaj, producer Artan Malaj (Mov(i)e On)


Brigid O’Shea (Germany) – DOK Leipzig Co-Production Meetings

Hristo Hristozov (Bulgaria) – project coordinator Sofia International Film Festival and business consultant

George Petrov (Bulgaria, USA) – PR and marketing specialist

Looking forward to an exciting edition of BDC Discoveries!