BDC Workshop 2010 – first session down

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

…one more to go.
The first session of the very first Balkan Documentary Center Workshop 2010 successfully closed last weak at /+/Sklada. With 7 projects from 6 countries the group went through five intense days of lectures, meetings, screenings and master classes.

The session took place in the venue of /+/Sklada alternative cultural space in downtown Sofia between July 1 – 5. Tutors, participants and observers coming from such countries as Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Turkey, UK, Kosovo, Netherlands, Italy, France and USA gathered for the first time to work on 7 inspiring Balkan creative documentary projects.

The structure of the workshop introduced every day a new tutor to the group, covering a new angle and having discussions on each of the projects.

Aleksandar Mani? worked with the participants on their storytelling and scripts, and screened The Shutka Book Of Records.

Rada ?e?ic introduced alternative funding, stressing on funds for non-EU countries, such as the Hubert Bals Fund or Jan Vrijman, and walked us through a selection of women’s and social funds, and talked the participants through their producer and festival strategy in one-to-one meetings.

Estelle Robin and Martichka Bozhilova gave an insight into a Balkan-European co-production set-up, with a hands-on overview of key documents and elements of the project proposal. The evenings closed with case studies of the France-Serbia co-production Village Without Women and 15 – the first BG privately financed omnibus.

Stefano Strocchi and Paula Le Dieu led the extremely energetic digital day, with a look into From Zero, Prison Valley, Havana:Miami and other goodies, as well as had an intense project-per-project brainstorming session with ideas for each one’s strategy in web marketing, cross-platform, crowdfunding, fan base and outlook out of the box.

Paul Pauwels lead documentary back into the world of business and walked all participants through the market today,  and outlined the system from top to toe, from idea to commissioning editor and distributor.

Second session of BDC Workshop 2010 is scheduled for August 5-6 during Dokufest in Prizren. Already looking forward.

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