Rough Cut Boutique 2013

After its two successful editions in 2011 and 2012, we are glad to organize again the DOCU Rough Cut Boutique (DOCU RCB), our promising training program, co-organized in collaboration with Sarajevo Film Festival.

With its exclusive selection of 5 creative documentary projects in a rough cut stage of production, we aim to sustain a unique creative space,? offering the participants coaching, expert advice and access to decision-makers that can have crucial influence on moving the projects forward in their final stage.

The coaching and expert meetings take place within the documentary section Docu Corner of Sarajevo Film Festival, making use of its facilities, screenings and experts, as well as the strongest industry forum for the region.

As in previous editions, this year?s program will be led and moderated by BDC director and AGITPROP producer Martichka Bozhilova and Rada Sesic, Head of documentary competition programme at Sarajevo Film Festival.

DOCU RCB 2013 will take place from 19 to 24 August in Sarajevo.?

The participants will have group sessions with screening of rough cuts and discussions afterwards, as well as individual meetings with experts. The tutors, renowned and well established film professionals, work together with participants on different segments of the film finalization, offering expertise and feedback.

Tutors and participants for this year’s edition will be announced soon.

Detailed description of programme:

DOCU RCB will run for 4 full days. Each project will be allocated a tutor (with a strong professional background in directing, producing, commissioning or festival programming) and an individual session to be analyzed in depth with the presence of the whole group and selected decision-making observers. Additionally, one-to-one meetings with one of our main tutors will be organized. Group session will be run by an expert.

All sessions will be moderated by experts Martichka Bozhilova, director and head of studies of Balkan Documentary Center, as well as a producer of AGITPROP production company, and Rada Sesic, head of the documentary competition at Sarajevo Film Festival.

DOCU RCB was initiated in order to help the film makers from the Region find the best way to finish their films; to strengthen the material that they already have or ? which is perhaps the most difficult for filmmakers, to leave out what is not necessary. How can you ?kill your darlings? successfully? We offer filmmakers coaching, expert advice and access to decision makers that can have a crucial influence on helping ?projects with international potential move to the final stage. We match 5 promising projects with 6 top world professionals ? film directors, producers, media experts, festival selectors and TV commissioning editors ? to work 4 days together during 11 intensive sessions.

First five sessions are 2 or 2,5 hour long, depending on whether the project is a TV hour or feature length documentary, analyzing each separate project with a tutor, while the whole group is present. Furthermore there are 5 individual One to One sessions with one of our main tutors plus one concluding joint session with all participants. Each group session will be run by a new tutor, (coming from either film directing, producing or commissioning editors? of documentary or festival programming background) while the two moderating tutors will be with the participants for the whole duration of the programme.

One to One sessions with the main tutor give the opportunity to the makers to show some extra material or share doubts and problems of the creative process; to strengthen the material that they already have or ? which is perhaps the most difficult to decide: how to ?kill your darlings? after having worked so hard to get certain shots. After all the projects are closely analyzed, ?the second part of the last session will be a master-class on the marketing of the films, their promotional strategy – festival or TV sales/offers, how to approach a distributor/sales agent/ broadcaster, etc.

Expert Mentors For DOCU Rough Cut Boutique 2013

Tue Steen M?ller, a Spiritus Movens of the documentary scene, an expert and consultant from Denmark, with more than 30 years of experience, is joining us as a precious mentor with expertise in both the quality of film content and understanding of the documentary industry. His high profile expertise is always treasured by participants as a unique experience. In 2004 awarded the Danish Roos Prize for his contribution to Danish and European documentary culture. From its start in 1996 until 2005, director of EDN (European Documentary Network). Received the EDN Life Achievement Award 2005. From 2006 free lance consultant and teacher at films schools in Danish and European documentary matters.

Pirjo Honkasalo, one of the most exciting poets and philosophers of the documentary cinema of today, joins our workshop as a special mentor. This Finnish multi-awarded director, script writer, cinematographer, film editor and producer is working both in fiction and in documentary cinema. As a documentarian, she is best known for her trilogy The Trilogy of the Sacred and Satanic, the final part of which, Atman, won the Joris Ivens prize in Amsterdam in 1996. She has also directed the stunningly beautiful The 3 Rooms of Melancholia, a story of how Russian and Chechen children were psychologically affected by the war. The film is still one of the most award winning feature documentaries ever.

Rebecca Cammisa, a double Oscar nominee for documentary films and New York-based prominent director, is joining our program as one of the main mentors who will have, along with the group sessions, one-to-one meetings with all selected participants. Celebrated documentary filmmaker Rebecca Cammisa came to prominence with her first film, Sister Helen (1998), earned for Rebecca the Documentary Directing Award at Sundance and was acquired in 2006 by the Museum of Modern Art Film Library for its permanent collection. Rebecca is a fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation.

Hanka Kastelicov? is Executive Producer of Documentaries for HBO Europe. Based in the Budapest office, and working closely with HBO Europe?s production centers in Warsaw, Prague and Bucharest, she oversees all aspects of HBO Europe?s documentary output. She earned a Master of Arts degree from the Faculty of Film and TV Documentary Department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She came to HBO Europe from Slovenian public broadcaster RTV SLO, where she directed and produced many documentaries; she is an experienced and dedicated documentary film-maker. Most recently she was working there as Head of Documentary Development and Commissioning Editor.

In November 2009, Catherine Le Clef started her own documentary distribution company, CAT&Docs.?In January 2007, Le Clef joined Fortissimo Films as Senior Vice President ? TV and Ancillary Sales from Paris based Doc & Co, an international distributor of world-class documentaries. ?Prior to this, she was with Films Transit International in Canada where she worked for more than a decade, distributing documentaries worldwide including. She began her career at Unibelfilm in Belgium, promoting Belgian films internationally. CAT&Docs is looking for pertinent and impertinent docs on topical questions and timeless subjects; docs that are carefully researched; docs that rigorously explore the subject matter, that are audacious, open to the diversity of the world and that have their place on the international scene; docs that question the world and propose new ways of looking at it. Docs which keep us from closing our eyes. Among the titles from the company?s catalog are 5 Broken Cameras, Planet of Snail, Last Train Home, Call me Kuchu, The Price of Sex, The Staircase, Special Flight? just to name a few.

We would like to kindly acknowledge our gratefulness to the partners who supported us in the realization of this year’s edition of DOCU Rough Cut Boutique! We are glad to have the general support of the State Institute for Culture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria. This year we honored to have again the US Embassy in Bosnia & Herzegovina as our partner to allocate a grant covering the participation of Rebecca Cammisa. We are also very glad to welcome a new partner on board ? the Danish Film Insitute, supporting Tue Steen M?ller to be part of DOCU Rough Cut Boutique. Thank you!

Selected projects:


Baglar (Turkey, directors and producers Berke Bas & Melis Birder, Inhouse Projects)

An underdog basketball team from hard scrabble Diyarbakir in Southeastern Turkey goes beyond winning games in their mission to rise above prejudice, poverty and political turmoil created by the decades long conflict between the Turkish state and Kurdish rebels who are fighting for local autonomy and cultural rights.

Melis Bider and Berke Bas (both Media Studies graduates from the New School for Social Research, New York) are co-founders of Inhouse Projects production company and authors of a number of award-winning documentaries.

Roma Rally/ Drifter (Hungary/ Germany, director G?bor H?rcher, producers Marcell Iv?nyi, Marieke Bittner, KraatsFilm/ Weydemann Bros.)

Ricsi, 17 years old, from a rural family, is trying to fulfill his childhood dream by competing in the village rally with his only treasure: a rundown, makeshift BMW. While racing against the local competition, he is challenging his father for attention and respect and faces the consequences for his illegal activities.
The film is centered around Ricsi?s dream which is constantly challenged by his ? irrational ? desires and his coming of age.

Director G?bor H?rcher and co-producer Marieke Bittner met as participants of the Sarajevo Talent Campus in 2010. They decided to coproduce the film with KraatsFilm and Weydemann Bros. Together they won the Co-Production Prize by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in 2011.

In the Dark (Serbia, director Goran Stankovic, producer Snezana Penev, This & That Productions)

In a small mining town in Southern Serbia, everything revolves around the local mine and everybody is in some way connected to it. The film?s narrative is centered around a traditional miners family, a father and son. Davor, a young miner, refuses to follow the family tradition and tries to find a way to leave his job and home town.
Almost 20 years ago, Emir Kusturica made a film about the underground as an analogy for life in the Balkans. This documentary will take that metaphor and juxtapose it with reality, exploring a world that is rarely visited. And from inside that world, examine how life on the surface, Serbia today, appears.

Goran Stankovic and producer Snezana Penev are co-founders of This & That Productions for creative projects. In the Dark is his first feature documentary.

Mia, Myself and an extra chromosome (Croatia, director Eva Kraljevi?, producers Dana Budisavljevi?, Miljenka ?ogelja, Hulahop)

Life lesson about love, acceptance and gratitude that reveals a bright side of life with mental retardation. It?s a story about my sister Mia and me, her love life and me, trying to accept her.

Eva Kraljevi? is an established cinematographer and photographer with a number of award-winning documentaries. This is her directorial debut.


The Man from Midja (Georgia / Germany directors Eka Papiashvili, Carsten B?hnke, producer Carsten B?hnke, Greenstonefilms)

This is a film about two 90 year old friends from the Georgian mountains, who kept arguing about Stalin almost every day since 1945. Behind their ?arguing tradition?, there is a complex structure of both personal and historical incidences, including Dathos war imprisonment in Germany which led to the fact that Dathos had to stay a peasant whereas Nika was allowed to study.

Eka Papiashvili has a background in anthropology and directing. Carsten B?hhnke has studied philosophy, literature and political science before he studied directing in Georgia and film production at the HFF Konrad Wolf/Germany. This is their first feature length documentary.

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