Rough Cut Boutique 2012

We are glad to have the Rough Cut Boutique, the young and promising initiative of Balkan Documentary Center and Sarajevo Film Festival, for a second year after its successful start in 2011.

With its exclusive selection of 5 creative Balkan documentary projects in a rough cut stage of production, we aim to sustain a unique creative space,  offering the participants coaching, expert advice and access to decision-makers that can have crucial influence on moving the projects forward in their final stage.

The coaching and expert meetings take place within the documentary section Docu Corner of Sarajevo Film Festival, making use of its facilities, screenings and experts, as well as the strongest industry forum for the region.

As in 2011, this year’s RCB will be led and moderated by BDC director and AGITPROP producer Martichka Bozhilova and Rada Sesic, a programmer for IDFA and SFF, film teacher and part of the selection committee of Jan Vrijman Fund.

RCB 2012 will take place from 8 to 11 July 2012 in Sarajevo. 

The participants will have group sessions with screening of rough cuts and discussions afterwards, as well as individual meetings with experts. The tutors are renowned and well established film professionals. They will work together with participants on different segments of the film finalization, offering expertise and feedback.

The tutors for this year’s edition of Rough Cut Boutique are following:

Eyal Sivan

Eyal Sivan is a Paris based filmmaker, scholar and theoretician, who has been living between Europe and Israel since 1985. He is Associate Professor  in Media Production at the School of Arts and Digital Industries at the University of East London (UEL). Sivan publishes and lectures on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, documentary filmmaking and ethics, political crimes and representation, political use of memory and genocide, among others. He’s the founder and Chief Editor of South Cinema Notebooks. Sivan has directed over ten full-length political documentaries and produced many others, for which he received a number of prestigious awards. His films include: COMMUN STATE, POTENTIAL CONVERSATION (2012), JAFFA THE ORANGE’S CLOCKWORK (2009), CITIZENS K (2007), I LOVE YOU ALL (2004), ROUTE 181, FRAGMENTS OF A JOURNEY IN PALESTINE-ISRAEL (2003), THE SPECIALIST (1999), ITSEMBATSEMBA, RWANDA ONE GENOCIDE LATER (1996), IZKOR-SLAVES OF MEMORY 1990).

Audrius Stonys

Audrius Stonys is an independent film director and producer, member of European Documentary Network and European Film Academy, who has made 19 multi-awarded films till now. His film EARTH OF THE BLIND (1992) was awarded by European Film Academy as the Best European Documentary of the year. He has worked as a teacher in European Film College (Denmark) and held master classes in Kolkata, Tokyo, Moscow, Belgrade, Barcelona, San Francisco, Carpi Modena and Paris.

Pola Rapaport

Pola Rapaport is a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and winner of numerous grants & awards. She is writer, director and editor of many award winning films, including: HAIR: LET THE SUN SHINE IN, WRITER OF O, FAMILY SECRET, BLIND LIGHT and BROKEN MEAT. She edited: HERE ONDE DAY (work-in-progress), GRACE PALEY: COLLECTED SHORTS, FRANZ LISZT: DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, AUF WIEDERSEHEN and FINE RAIN. She is sound editing Emmy nominee.

Thomas Imbach

Thomas Imbach is an independent filmmaker based in Zurich/Switzerland. With his production company Bachim Films he produced his own work until 2007. After that he founded Okofilm together with director/producer Andrea ?taka. He has won numerous awards for his work, both in Switzerland and abroad. With WELL DONE (1994) and GHETTO (1997) he established his trademark audiovisual style based on a combination of cinema- verit? camera-work and fast-paced computer-controlled editing. His fiction feature films HAPPINESS is a WARM GUN (which was nominated for the Golden Leopard at Locarno in 2001), LENZ (2006) and I WAS A SWISS BANKER (2007) all premiered at Berlin International Film Festival.

Namik Kabil

Namik Kabil was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied film in Los Angeles where he was a member of the theatre group „The Grace Players“, where he worked as a director, writer and actor. He wrote a novel, Alone, and several award winning screenplays: DAYS AND HOURS, THE RUIN, and THE LAST DAY.  In 2007 his documentary INTERROGATION won the Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary at the Sarajevo Film Festival. His feature NIGHTGUARDS had a world premiere in 2008 at Venice Film Festival. Namik lives in Sarajevo.

The selected project for the second edition of Rough Cut Boutique are following:

Ain’t No Cinderellas by Emel Celebi
ZeZe Film

“Ain’t No Cinderellas!” is witnessing the establishment process of  IMECE Women’s Union located in Esenyurt, one of the biggest outskirts of Istanbul where immigrants from Anatolia are settled down. The project is a continuation film of “Housekeeper”, a documentary on the working conditions of domestic workers produced in 2006. We have been in contact with women from IMECE since then and following them with our cameras. The film will also try to enter into the lifes of the disorganized domestic women workers, the victims of the patriarchal capitalist system like all of us. The film will be the testimony of their struggle to get their fundemental rights such as social security.

I Am Looking for a Bride by Marija Dzidzeva
Award Film & Video

This is a film about the life of Todor Trajanovski and his search for a bride. He encouraged himself and together with seven single, brave men started a trip to Russia in hope to meet their soul mates. Finally, he found Regina, the wife for himself. What kind of magic is that? Regina, woman from city of half million move to live in the village of 50 houses? Do we still believe in love? This movie is trying to answer that question.

Naked / Basil in the Stone by Tiha Gudac

I spent a great part of my childhood with my Grandparents, but only recently I discovered my Grandfather was at a place called “Naked Island”: a secret labor camp formed in Yugoslavia, during peacetime. Like thousands of his fellow inmates, upon his return, grandpa feared to say a word about it, even to his own family. My Grandfather passed away, and I am left with the strongest urge to reconstruct his story and find how it influenced three generations of my family. The film follows my investigation into our family secrets, fears, our past, and with it a disturbing and violent, forbidden part of our homeland’s history.

The Second Best by Vesela Kazakova & Mina Mileva
Activist 38

Bulgaria was known worldwide for its animation.
Portrait of a man who made most significant animated films for many
decades, only in the shadow of their official author. While the author crossed
the globe to receive awards and glory, our hero was not allowed to travel.
Dressed in humour, this film takes us back to the 70’s, and observes,
alongside the craft making, the politics of how really films were made.

Totonel by Alexander Nanau
Strada Film

TOTONEL is a family story told from the perspective of children. The film follows Totonel, a ten-year-old boy living in Bucharest?s toughest ghetto with his two older sisters. As they wait for their mother to return from jail after five years, Totonel discovers that he wants a different life than his family can offer.

We want to thank our partners in the initiative –  the film festival MakeDox (Macedonia) and DokuFest (Prizren).

Rough Cut Boutique has been accomplished with the kind support of the Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture of the European Cultural Foundation.