Apply for BDC Discoveries 2011

Monday, January 11th, 2010

The call for applications for the BDC Discoveries 2011 training programme is now open. Please, download the application forms below.


Please, download here the application form for participants.

The target group of the BDC Discoveries 2012 is promising Balkan audio-visual professionals. The workshop will cover both the creative and production side of documentary project development. The format is 7 teams producer+writer or director. As an exception, directors in search for producers can also be selected. The workshop is conducted in English. Participants in the workshop should be professional filmmakers who have mainly worked in their home countries before and are looking to step on the international documentary market.

Applicants must have a track record proven by their filmographies and a sample of previous work, with either the director or the producer on the team having at least three years of experience in the field of film production. They must apply with projects for films or social campaigns with a creative documentary approach, an international potential and a strong potential for cross-platform development, 360° distribution and online content generation.

For observers

Please, download here the application form for observers.

As observers at the workshop, we will invite 7 representatives of civil society organizations, broadcasters and funds strongly connected to the Balkan region. This will allow to enrich the discussion and educate the observers in European film practices, and thus contribute to a new generation of Balkan “funders” having new perspectives for collaboration with the documentary sector. The decision on whom to invite will be based on research of what civil society institutions have been involved in documentary and audio-visual campaigns, or would be interested to get involved in the future. Our aim will be both to select organizations that have been actively involved and can serve as an example of successful collaboration with the documentary sector, as well as organizations that are new to this kind of cooperation and could become a new source of funding for the young Balkan documentarists. Observers can be professionals from the civil society sector, broadcasters strongly related to the Balkans, other fund representatives and alternative financing decision makers (for example, banking institutions or private foundations). The observers will have decision-making capacity.