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Film site: http://

Duration in minutes: 28 min

Format: HDV

Director: Daniel Simeonov

Producer: Daniel Simeonov, Milena Stoykova

Director of photography: Milena Stoykova

Screenwriter: Daniel Simeonov

Editor: Svetoslav Vladimirov

Synopsis: A reflection of the director’s emotions when he goes back to his mother, living in deserted village, after a long absence from home. The film is a rendered visual and stylized cinematic personal journey through the signs of time and space in human life. It’s also an allegorical observation not only about the inner CLOSE connection that we have with our parents but also with everything in the universe.

Year of production: 2012

Looking for: distribution

Trailer url: [pro-player][/pro-player]

Contact person: Milena Stoykova


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