creative documentary, Croatia, upcoming, 2011
director: Branko Istvancic

The protagonist attempts to re-establish a normal post-war life, searching for family photographs lost in the war on the territory of former Yugoslavia. This poetical documentary pushes the boundaries of the traditional aesthetics and narrative structures of filmmaking.

Adela & Agnetha

documentary, Romania, 2008
director: Geo Scripcariu

Adela is a Gipsy woman married to a Saxon man, Agnetha is a Saxon woman married to a Gipsy. Both live in Transylvania (Romania), have many children and complicated and difficult life and therefore many stories to tell..

Ako ovo gledas? Mama

Bosnia and Herzegovina, documentary, 2008
director: Mustafa Mustafi?, Dario Novali?

In agreement with the Government of Italy, in 1992 - 45 children from the "Ljubica Ivezic" orphanage left the besieged Sarajevo. Fifteen years later, five of them tell their story.