Bulgaria, documentary, 2012
director: Daniel Simeonov

The idea of making the film “CLOSE” came to me in the early stages of my education of Film Directing while I was mesmerized by the art of Andrey Tarkovskiy and especially his film “The Mirror”. I’ve always wanted to make a film about my mother in which to be able to capsulate (and film art can do that in the best possible way) a certain amount personal emotions and fillings because they are important to me, because in a way they are representation of what I am as a person. And after all - the human life is a journey towards our own understanding about our personal empirical and existential boundaries. I believe that such reflections, transcends the personal connotation, because the relationship with our parents is essential and deeply encrusted in every one of us – no matter we have it or we lost it. "CLOSE" is a film about my mother. But it's also a film about every mother and every human being who has a relationship with one substantial and CLOSE soul…a soul that is a man’s last resort, a soul that is CLOSE to us, regardless of its aspirations. “CLOSE” is philosophical observation. This is a film about the CLOSEness… the CLOSEness of man and nature…the CLOSEness of our connection with everything in the universe, with every blade of grass and every ant, with each death… "CLOSE" is about the personal, but also generic and existential fear of our own end, it’s about the conception that every other death is our own. On the other hand the film projects its message beyond the personal space of the character, without being specific and trivial in its observations about the depopulation of the Bulgarian village, for example…Depopulation which is not only physical it is also metaphysical, spiritual… The film represents the pressure of globalization, its incoherent meanings, it is visualization of dialectical confrontation and relationship between past and future, between the plane and simple life in the countryside and the horrific visions of the modern city world. Globalization and acceleration which we cannot comprehend where every feeling and though is on display or online. All we have is our own self, our own memories… And in the end our last rampart – religion. Our faith – the only thing that provides (illusory or not) internal life of our soul and spirit. The vast amount of poetic and long shots are the language of the film. In fact the storyteller is the images supported by the narrator. Every segment has its own emotional, visual and musical decoration and rhythm.”


documentary, Turkey, 2011
director: NURDAN ARCA

Canlar - Alevis/Bektashis is a 59 minutes documentary about the philosophy and the belief of Alevis- Bektashis.

Central Express

Bulgaria, documentary, 2003
director: Andrey Paounov, Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov, Valentin Valchev

Central Express is a documentary TV programme comprising 6 short documentaries on Bulgaria produced by Martichka Bozhilova for Movie Movie s.r.l. for RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana – Rai Educational and the European Commission.

Corridor #8

Bulgaria, creative documentary, 2008
director: Boris Despodov

On the Balkans it turns out that short distances are sometimes the longest.

Cash and Marry

creative documentary, Macedonia, 2009
director: Atanas Georgiev

Young men from the Balkans go to Austria on student-visas but instead of returning home they pay ?7000 - 12000 for a new home - and an Austrian wife.