Dear Lastan!

creative documentary, Croatia, 2014
director: Irena Skoric

For the first time after almost five decades, this film reveals the true identity of a mythical hero who helped unhappy and confused little souls.

Disposable Heroes

documentary, Kosovo, 2005
director: Iris Elezi

'Disposable Heroes' visits seven war veterans of the Balkans who share their common experiences of battle, their firsthand confrontations with the madness of war, and their struggles as veterans to rebuild a normal existence.

Does anyone have a plan?

documentary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, 2005
director: Lode Desmet

"Does Anyone Have a Plan?" focuses on the dilemmas facing 17 ordinary people from Kosovo, Serbia, and neighboring countries in the run-up to final status negotiations.

Drowned Dreams

Albania, documentary, 2006
director: Gledis Bica

A story about 36 persons that set out illegally from Shkodra.

Destiny?s Children ? five contemporary stories

Bulgaria, documentary, 2006
director: Valentin Valchev

A film about five life-stories discussing the root causes of human trafficking: Kalina and Kosta; Petko; Akibe; Irena; Ivan.

Deep Violet

Bulgaria, documentary, 2008
director: Iglika Trifonova

In front of the microphone in a bar on the outskirts of Sofia, Dessy, a singer who can't see and never could, tells a story of happiness, fear, hope, dreams, and her unbiased vision of the world around us. She stands in front of the microphone, calm and concentrated, while the clients enthusiastically demand more and more songs. Between two sets she tells us what she loves, what she fears, what she dreams of and how she “sees” the big events in the world.