Hills Village 21000 Split

Croatia, documentary, upcoming, 2012
director: Silvio Mirosnicenko

Hills Village 21000 Split is a documentary which in a Fellini style represents the inhabitants of an unusual neighbourhood. We encounter a dentist and writer, a tired ex-boxer who had a carrier in Germany, a hardcore punk band Pas Maters, whose charismatic front man and lead singer mysteriously disappeared, an old soccer supporter with the last name Hajduk, an ex-hooligan diligently studying in a night school and many others. A complex portrait of an unusual Split neighbourhood and its even more unusual inhabitants with Hajduk as their religion.

Home Alone – a Romanian Tragedy

documentary, Romania, upcoming, 2010
director: Ionut Carpatorea

This is the story of over 350.000 Romanian children left “home alone”. One or both their parents are working abroad, in Italy, Spain and other Western Europe countries. The kids were left to be taken care of by relatives or even neighbors. Many of them committed or attempted suicide. How can one explain what they did? What did these kids think? What drove them to the point of losing everything?


documentary, Kosovo, 2006
director: Burbuqe Berisha

A story about 85-year-old accordion player, Maestro Rexhep Kara?a. The film combines the artistic and documental approaches.