Shipyard Sculptor

creative documentary, Croatia, 2014
director: Branko Istvancic

Stanislav Bavcevic is a mechanical engineer working in the Split Shipyard – and a ‘shipyard sculptor’. He makes statues out of shipbuilding leftovers, always inspired by the shipyard motifs. He found his job in the shipyard, but also his inspiration.

Schindler’s Lift

Bulgaria, creative documentary, 2004
director: Boris Despodov

A mockumentary starring the famous documentary filmmaker J?rgen Leth.

See You at the Eiffel Tower

Bulgaria, creative documentary, 2008
director: Valentin Valchev

The sentimental journey of a contemporary Bulgarian film crew through Eastern Europe following the trail of famous Dutch documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens and scriptwriter Marion Michelle from 1947-1949.

Sisters of Lilith

creative documentary, Turkey, 2009
director: Emel ?elebi

This is a song of praise for the strong and productive identity of women told through the stories of three characters.