Two Love Stories

documentary, Kosovo, upcoming, 2008
director: Shota Bukoshi

A visit to two Roma couples in Kosova opens up a parallel world both at the margins and in the midst of Kosovar society.

Train of Freedom

documentary, Kosovo, upcoming, 2008
director: Karina Correa

The film focuses on a program first stated by UNMIK as the Freedom of Movement train.

The Mosquito Problem and other stories

Bulgaria, creative documentary, 2007
director: Andrey Paounov

The epic story of a village turned concentration camp, turned a city, turned nuclear power plant and it’s population, swamped between regimes, fried fish, ideologies, mass murder, pop-folk music, guilt, redemption, hope and mosquitoes.

The Story of Olga

Bulgaria, documentary, 2004
director: Valentin Valchev

A story about trafficking in human beings.

Tolibu Dibu Dauchyu

Bulgaria, creative documentary, 2008
director: Boris Despodov

The birth of the first internationally known Bulgarian pop star. Valentina Hassan, 29, from the village of Zvezdelina sang "Ken Lee" (her own version of Mariah Carey’s song "Without You") at an audition for the Bulgarian version of the world famous TV series "Music Idol". Within a few months her performance has been watched by more than 17 million people on the internet. "Ken Lee" interpreted by dozens of fans all over the world, edited one after another in a "download cinema" panopticon of people's faces – from Japan to America – following in the footsteps of the Bulgarian phenomenon.