Co-production countries: Croatia, Romania

Film site:

Duration in minutes: 52 minutes / 75 minutes

Format: HD

Director: Nebojsa Slijepcevic

Producer: Vanja Jambrovic

Director of photography: Nebojsa Slijepcevic

Screenwriter: Nebojsa Slijepcevic, Vanja Jambrovic

Editor: Iva Kraljevic

Synopsis: Our film is documentary comedy which pinpoints some serious social issues. The story takes place in the mountain Balkan region on the historical border of the Austro Hungarian empire and Ottoman empire. Our film follows matchmaker Nedjeljko Babic called Gangster. Twenty-five years ago he left his job as a carpenter to start his God-given career – matching lonely men and women. He became famous very fast, thanks to his skill, but also his nickname – Gangster. He got it solely thanks to his image: he always wears sunglasses. His whole life he helps young men and women from his mountain region to find a soul mate. But lately his job is more difficult than ever – women does not want to live in villages anymore. In recent years Gangster’s clients are mostly uneducated middle aged men, seemingly desperate to find a life partner. But story of our film unmasks the real complexity of their problem.
When Maya, young and pretty Bulgarian girl, comes to Gangster looking for a new boyfriend, it seems that it will be an easy case for him. But the fact that she is a mother of a 3 year old, and a foreigner, makes it mission impossible for Gangster – it seems that Croatian guys, no matter how desperate they are to find a woman, does not want a Bulgarian with a child. We followed Maya on seven unsuccessful dates. At the moment, she is still single. Her case discloses all the tragic absurdity of the traditional men in modern society: although they are lonely and desperate to find a woman, their stubborn conservatism prevents them in adopting different.
Marin is typical of the kind. He is 42, good-looking and smart, but passive and unable to overcome oppression of his community. He likes Maya a lot, but he does not dare to admit to his father that he is in love with a women with a child.
We also follow Gangster’s dealing with Peter, German guy whose father is Croat from Gangster’s village. Peter is disappointed in western women, he thinks that they en-joy too much sexual freedom, so he comes to his father’s native land in search of more traditional women.
These three characters form one story and paint a big picture of a contradictory and troublesome relationship between men and women in a world torn between traditional and modern.

Year of production: 2012

Co-producers: Florin Iepan, Calin Meda

Financiers: HAVC – Croatian Audiovisual Center, Romanian Public Film Fund CNC, City Council of Rijeka,

Trailer url: [pro-player][/pro-player]

Contact person: Vanja Jambrovic


Where can I see this film?: It will be finished and premiered in summer 2012.

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