Green Dream

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Co-production countries: Canada

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Duration in minutes: 50min

Format: HD

Director: Maia Iotzova

Producer: Maia Iotzova

Director of photography: Maia Iotzova

Editor: Maia Iotzova

Synopsis: Green Dream is a personal documentary that contemplates nature’s place within the city.

Maia Iotzova takes the viewer on a poetic journey from the wild fields of Sofia, Bulgaria to the manicured parks of Vancouver, Canada and, finally, to a community-managed park (Le Champ des Possibles) in Montreal. The documentary is a reflection on the way wild green spaces have been cared for in the cities where she has lived.

Green Dream is also a film about maturing as a person and living with one’s roots spread between different cultures. The film takes some surprising turns as the author questions her own relationship with nature and tries to reconcile the conflicting cultural approaches that people have towards the green spaces around her.

Year of production: 2015

Financiers: Canada Council for the Arts, NFB-FAP, Indiegogo campaign and donations

Looking for: distribution

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Contact person: maia iotzova


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