Hills Village 21000 Split

categories:    Croatia | documentary | films | upcoming

Duration in minutes: 61

Format: HD

Director: Silvio Mirosnicenko

Producer: Irena Skoric

Director of photography: Raul Brzic

Screenwriter: Zeljko Barisic, Silvio Mirosnicenko

Editor: Silvio Mirosnicenko

Synopsis: HILLS VILLAGE 21000 SPLIT is a documentary which in a Fellini style represents the inhabitants of an unusual neighborhood. We encounter a dentist and writer, a tired ex-boxer who had a carrier in Germany, a hardcore punk band Pas Maters, whose charismatic front man and lead singer mysteriously disappeared, an old soccer supporter with the last name Hajduk, an ex-hooligan diligently studying in a night school and many others. A complex portrait of an unusual Split neighborhood and its even more unusual inhabitants with Hajduk as their religion.

Year of production: 2012

Financiers: HAVC, City of Split – Department of Culture

Looking for: distribution

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Contact person: Irena Skoric