Home Alone – a Romanian Tragedy

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Co-production countries: Italy, Belgium, Germany

Film site:

Duration in minutes: 58

Format: HD

Director: Ionut Carpatorea

Producer: Sorin Manu

Director of photography: Sorin Manu

Screenwriter: Ionut Carpatorea

Editor: Robert Kallos

Synopsis: The film tells three of these stories, three stories about children that ended their own lives. The observational style is mixed with interviews as the film weaves between the three stories and their characters, the parents that opened their hearts in front of the camera and shared their profound grief but also their ideas about what caused the tragedies.
This is not only a Romanian tragedy, it’s a human tragedy that we have to reflect upon. When a child dies part of our future dies too. But when a child decides to end his own life everything becomes questionable, pointless, everything hurts. Beyond the sadness the film should make us think about today’s society and also about what our children need besides mobile phones or expensive computer games.

Year of production: 2010

Co-producers: Lorenzo Hendel, Wim van Rompay

Financiers: Evolution Film Production (Romania), RAI3 (Italy), Lichtpunt (Belgium), MDR (Germany)

Looking for: distribution, networking

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Contact person: Carmen Manu


Where can I see this film?: ASTRA Film Festival (October, 2011)

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